Aomori Museum of Art is closed from July 9, 2018 (mon) to July 13, 2018(fri) for the preparations for next exhibition.
Only the exhibition “ Kuma no Gakko” at Community Gallary will be open.

※Museum Cafe and shop are closed too, and Aomori-Ken (Aomori Dog) and Hakkakudo (in which the bronze statue Miss-Forest by NARA Yoshitomo is displayed) are not be able to see during this period.

Upcoming Exhibitions:
Collection 2018-3 : July 14,2018(sat) -October 21, 2018(sun)
Exhibition “Travel with glasses” : July 20, 2018(fri) -September 2, 2018(sun)
by 広報 |  2018年6月25日 17:34  | お知らせ