The inspiration for the architectural design of the Aomori Museum of Art comes from the excavation area of the nearby Sannai Maruyama Historical Site. The ground under the museum was cut in a geometric style to resemble the trenches of the excavation area. Structure enveloped by white-painted bricks lands these trenches. The concave/convex trenches and white structure are interlocking but maintain spaces. This is the basic composition of the museum. Spaces created by the white walls - "White Cube" exhibition rooms - and exhibition rooms created by the exposed earthen walls and floors of the trenches are two opposing features in the design but combine to form a unified whole.

Jun Aoki

Born in 1956. Graduated with a M. Arch. from Tokyo University in 1982. In 1991 established Jun Aoki & Associates. From houses, public works to fashion boutiques, his career covers diverse directions. In 2004, his first monograph was published, and he was awarded the Minister of Education Art Encouragement Prize for New Artists.
Photo:Yoshiaki Tsutsui

  • Aleko Hall

  • Permanent Exhibition Space

  • Creative Yard

  • Panoramic Photograph of Architecture