Period: Saturday, July 7th, 2014 to Sunday, September 7th, 2014.
Open hours: 9 AM-6 PM (entrance to the museum is until 5:30 PM)
Closed: 8/8 (Monday), 8/22 (Monday), 9/12 (Monday)


General…1,500 (1,300)
High School Student and University Stundent…1,000 (800)
Middle and Elementary School Student…Free Admission

*Access to Permanent Exhibition is not included with admission
*Fees within () are for groups of more than 20 people
*Free admission for escorts of persons with disabilities

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Exhibition Summary

The Aomori Earth series traces the origins of creation to the Jomon Period while searching for new artists based in the Aomori region. In this year’s exhibition, we explore the relationship between being and place as seen in the vestiges of Jomon culture in the Sannai-Maruyama Ruins, the life of local explorer and politician Sasamori Gisuke (1845-1915), and the work of contemporary artists.
We set off on travel routes and put down roots in the earth. Our activities overlap with the earth’s vibrations. What emerges from this dream is a flowing spirit with the power to connect people and the earth.
As we embrace and are embraced by the earth in this dream, we begin to understand. The world consists of countless centers borne out of the roots and routes that intersect between people, the earth, and the spirit. By uncovering these roots and routes, we can go and live anywhere in the world. Within ourselves there is a no man’s land where all things have the ability to coexist.

This exhibition examines being and place based on imagination and in relation to people, and traveling and settling the earth. It posits a wide range of possibilities for reconnecting life and death, dreams and reality, and memories and history in order to continue living with all kinds of other people. The museum promises to be transformed into a jakka duxuni (an Orok term meaning “treasure house”) – or a cave inhabited by spirits, a hut, or a place where people store valuable items.

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Points of Interest in this Exhibition

Organizers: Executive Committee for AOMORI EARTH 2016
(Aomori Museum of Art, Aomori Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, To-o Nippo Press Co., Ltd., Aomori Prefectural Tourism Federation)

Supported by Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016

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