KUDO Kojin

2007/3/21 (WED) - 5/6 (SUN)
9:30 - 17:00
*Open every day during project exhibitions except April 9th.
Yume to Kakusei 1971
Yume to Kakusei 1971

Kojin Kudo (1915- present) is a Japanese-style painter from Hirosaki City. Despite being over 90 years old, he energetically continues to paint.
After World War II, joining a stirring new movement of Japanese artists, Kudo aimed to create a new style of painting, and established a unique style which was designed to express the images held within his heart.

This exhibit displays Kudo’s works from the 1950s to the present day. Also on display are works by other painters who aimed to create their own new styles of expression

The exhibit includes not only the works that are in the Aomori Museum of Art’s own collection, but also masterpieces from several regions in Japan all gathered in the Museum.

Hokkai no Aphrodite 1990
Hokkai no Aphrodite 1990
Mei·An 1960
Mei·An  1960
Aki no Cho 1966
Aki no Cho 1966
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