Or, How Has Humanity Dreamt of the Skies and Perceived the World through the Spirit of Aviation

Gaze up at the skies and feel the dream of flight since the ages of mythology and a history of skyward trials and failures.
Gaze down from the skies and feel the human consciousness embedded in a view from above.
Imagine the many rich stories woven from the skies and aircraft.
Experience the wonder of the form and mechanism of aircraft, and the human desires projected into them.
Moreover, consider what it means to fly.
Previously confined to movement on the surface of the earth, how did taking to the skies change man’s way of thinking and perception?
This exhibit of cultural history examines our spiritual nature as human beings living in the modern age and the social nature of the age known as the 20th century through various works of art and materials centered on the themes of the skies and aircraft.

Exhibition Period: Saturday July 21, 2012 – Monday September 17, 2012
Hours: 9:00–18:00 (admission until 17:30)
Closed: The museum will not be closed during the exhibition period.
Admission: Art and Air Exhibit
General Admission 1,500 (1,300) Yen / University & High School Students 800 (700) Yen

Art and Air Exhibit + Permanent Collection (Includes NARITA Tohl special exhibit)
General Admission 1,900 (1,600) Yen / University & High School Students 1,040 (880) Yen

*Prices in parenthesis are for groups of over 20 people.
*Persons with disability requiring another person for assistance may enter as one person.

Advance Tickets (on sale from May 26 to July 20)

Art and Air Exhibit
General 1,000 Yen / University & High School Students 500 Yen
* Advance tickets do not include admission to the permanent collection. Discount tickets for admission to the permanent collection may be purchased at the museum on the day of your visit (General 400 Yen / University & High School Students 240 Yen).

Advance Tickets may be purchased at all major ticket vending machines in Aomori prefecture, including Lawson Ticket (#26424 at Lawson Convenience Stores), and Ticket-Pia (#765-192 at Circle K and Sunkus Convenience Stores).

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Exhibit Outline

From the earliest times, humankind has dreamt of the skies.
Many people dreamt of soaring in flight, as history repeated itself with skyward endeavors and setbacks.
These strong feelings towards the skies、gave birth to countless excellent works of art, while science and technology also made great strides.
In the 20th century, with the invention of a flying machine, the airplane or aeroplane, people soon started to compete for flight distance and speed, giving birth to many tales, and captivating many.
Additionally, the machines known as aircraft use the invisible power of air to fly, and have themselves propellers, wings, and a fuselage, each possessing their own lines of beauty. The study of the properties of air known as aerodynamics have been invoked in the design of Formula One racecars, and its formative beauty continues to enamor people from all over the world.
In addition, looking down upon the ground below from tall heights above, brought about a large change in the perception of the world, and at times this perspective came to symbolize power.
This exhibit is an opportunity to redefine what it means to fly, and search for the location of the consciousness, emotions, and desires of the people that accomplished this, through various works of art and materials centered on the themes of the skies and aircraft.
Previously confined to movement on the surface of the earth, how did taking to the skies change man’s two-dimensional way of thinking?


  • Colorful works of art on display, from early modern Japanese (16-19th century) bird’s-eye view paintings, up to record images from World War II, plastic model box artwork, and contemporary art.
  • Installation featuring new works of NAKAMURA Tetsuya, FURUI Satoshi, and MATSUE Taiji, etc., along with the works of AO Shusuke, HACHIYA Kazuhiko, and NAKAHASHI Katsushige.
  • A large number of important aircraft parts and materials on display.
  • Introduction of a aircraft related materials from persons with a connection to Aomori, including KITAMURA Komatsu, KIMURA Hidemasa, and KUDO Tomiji.
  • Displays about Tokyo Skytree, a symbol of human aspirations towards the skies.
  • Exhibition of an aerodynamically designed Formulae One racecar.
  • Special exhibition of the aircraft collection of MATSUMOTO Reiji, who was also known as an aviation aficionado.

For more information, please contact:
Art and Air Exhibit Executive Committee (Aomori Museum of Art)
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Tel: 017-783-3000
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