What is CONTEMPORARY VERSION of "ALEKO" International Dance Competition


The Aomori Museum of Art opens in July 2006. In the enormous space at the center of the art museum is Aleko Hall, where the backdrops Marc Chagall created in 1942 for the ballet “Aleko” are displayed.
The contemporary version of "Aleko" is a part of a project dedicated to creating a new version of "Aleko" suited to our times, while paying homage to Chagall's backdrops.
Ballet formed a brilliant epoch as composite art that combines dance, music, literature, and visual arts. It is one of our missions that we revive the dream of ballet.

1) International Dance Competition

Three guest choreographers from abroad and three Japanese choreographers participate in this competition and create and present pieces choreographed on the subject of "Aleko." To breathe new life into "Aleko," we will select one choreographer from abroad and one from Japan, who present most aspiring proposal.

2) Creation and Representation of a Contemporary Version of "ALEKO"

The foreign choreographer selected in the competition will create a full scale ballet on the theme of Aleko. The Japanese choreographer will integrate contemporary dance and theater in creating a hybrid piece called "Aleko." At the Aomori Museum of Art we will use Chagall's backdrops to hold the world premiere of their work.

Ballet "Aleko" in 1942
ChoreographyLeonide Massine
Original StoryAleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin's poem "Gypsies" (1827)
MusicPeter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky Piano Trio in A minor (1882)
Scenery and costumesMarc Chagall
Artistic CollaborationHenry Clifford
World PremierPalacio de Bellas Artes Mexico City, 8 Sept 1942
CompanyBallet Theatre (currently American Ballet Theatre)